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When You Believe 100% in Yourself You Become Unstoppable: Here Are 4 Ways to Keep Your Believer High

Here’s the skinny when it comes to being a female entrepreneur…

Your friends and family may call you crazy for the idea that you call a business. Don’t let that stop you. They may even tell you to go get a job when you haven’t landed your first high paying clients in the last six months or you’re struggling to get more than two discovery calls booked on your calendar every month. I’m here to tell you – don’t be moved.

Think about what Thomas Edison must have gone through – he is credited with holding more than 1,000 patents for his inventions, one of which is the electric light bulb.

His friends and his family called him crazy because he refused to give up on his ideas. No doubt Edison had stern persistence and tenacity. The word failure just wasn’t in his vocabulary, and it shouldn’t be in yours.

No matter how well you execute your plans, you will always encounter, roadblocks, obstacles, and difficulties along the way, like every successful entrepreneur. However, if you want to persevere in the face of challenges and achieve your goals, you must remain steadfast, committed and believe 100% in yourself no matter the circumstances – that’s The Millionairess Entrepreneur way!

So here are four ways to help you hold steady, especially when you encounter roadblocks or obstacles that threaten your success.

#1: Make Achievement A Hard-Stop Non-Negotiable

Your commitment to achievement is a valuable asset. Don’t settle or compromise on you achieving your goal. Instead, begin to cultivate an unwavering stand on your road to entrepreneurial success. Don’t avoid what is temporarily hard. Face it, take responsibility, get the help that you need, and find a way to overcome it. It’s natural to adjust your action steps and strategies as you learn. As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning. Your steadfast pursuit of new problem-solving techniques and your resourcefulness will help you achieve what once looked unsurpassable and transform it into a notable victory. Own it!

#2: Be a Solution Finder

As female entrepreneurs, we face a wide range of issues every day. When a problem develops, take your first step and clearly define what it is. Once you’ve put the problem into perspective, begin to brainstorm so you can maneuver around it, over it, or through it. Be creative, get resourceful. You’ve got what it takes. Don’t discard an idea and don’t judge anything. Your tenacity and determination to find a solution will lead you down a path you could never have imagined before. List every possible option you can think of. Consider the pros and cons for each, and then make a decision to implement what you feel is best. Be unstoppable!

#3: Develop New Skills and Talents

Your unique set of talents forms the basis for your entrepreneurial success. Affirm your natural strengths by continually developing your resources. Assess your weaknesses and determine where you will need outside reinforcement or support. If confronted with unfamiliar territory, reach out to others who can help like a coach or a mentor. You are an asset, so make continual investments in yourself. Start to develop a circle of associates, become a part of a mastermind group, or create a personal board of advisors to help find new, innovative insights for resolving problems. The knowledge exchanged during these encounters will strengthen new talents, build new skills and strengthen your determination to succeed.

#4: Maintain Your Patient

As you forge along your entrepreneurial journey, your patience, willpower, focus, and hard work will pay off for you in unexpected ways. When faced with what looks like a dead-end, don’t consider it a failure – think of it as part of the necessary process of elimination on the road to success. Stay on task, and be willing to wait for an answer to present itself. As women, we have a great well of intuition to tap into. Find the joy in discovering new possibilities for growing your business, despite any winding road to the final outcome.

Final Thoughts

Edison’s success shows that if you give up too easily, you can lose out on all of the opportunities for success awaiting you in your business. So take the time to find opportunity in every circumstance and situation you encounter, and you’ll be successful in all your endeavors.

What’ do you have in place to maintain 100% belief in you and your business. Pop it in the comments for ♥ME♥!

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