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THE ESSENTIALS: Here On Black Friday

The whole goal of being an entrepreneur is to make bank, money, moolah! In order to have and live the lifestyle your dream about.

And what occupation is there that allows you to make money in abundance better than entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur allows you unlimited money-making potential. It’s the way to create your owner personal economy.

But there is a catch to this…

You need to have a plan in place to make it happen – and not just any ol’ plan.

You need to have the right plan that works for you as you work it.

That’s where THE ESSENTIALS fit in.

THE ESSENTIALS is a digital business planner for the online female entrepreneur.

With this digital planner, you will be developing systems, identifying strategies, and setting up structures to turn your business into a money-making machine with consistency.

So Why This Planner?

Well if you are just starting out in your business OR if your are not making the cash you want, chances are you need a simply planner to help get you organized and taking the right actions on a daily basis.

Just imagine…

  • No more winging it!
  • No more staring at the computer!
  • No flying by the seat of your pants!
  • No more doing things that doesn’t get your paid!

This planner keeps you focused on the essentials things you need to think about and do every day to make bank!

Here’s Are The Components

There are six sections in THE ESSENTIALS digital business planner. Each section contains the planning tools you need to make the next 90-days of working your business simple, yet spectacular

Section 1: CLARITY

The Clarity section helps you get a big picture view of what you want to accomplish. It allows you to get clear on what you really want to focus on for the next 90-days.

Section 2: COMMUNITY

The Community section helps you identify and define who you will target your efforts on. You will identify one niche and the problem you will put your attention and efforts on to bring them the right solution.

Section 3: CASH

This section is all about the money. How to plan, manage, and control for the next 90-days. Here is where you will identify your core offers and align your actions to match. 

Section 4: CONTENT

The Content section is the heart of this digital planner. Every thing from planning your weekly content through planning your livestreams is here for you to map out in advance.


The Consistency section is where you put your hands to the plow and take consistent right actions only a daily basis. You will use the planning and tracking tools in this section to map out what you will do and when you will do it to achieve your goals and milestones day-by-day.

Section 6: CAPTURE

The Capture section contains the tools that you’ll use to capture all the juicy details of your accomplishments, challenges, amazing ideas.

So, Are You Ready To Start Mapping Your Success?

Are you ready to stop winging it?

Are you ready to stop wasting your time, energy, and money?

Are you ready to put an end to being overwhelmed?

Are you ready to create consistent income with consistent customers?

A simple head nod and a click to join the wait list is all it takes for you to step into the possibility of being that online entrepreneur you are destined to be.

And yes… No more winging it!

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Make 2018 the year your map out what you will do to create your own personal economy with THE ESSENTIALS.

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I’ve prepared the best deal ever to make 2018 your best money-making year ever. 

And you don’t want to miss any of the juicy details.

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