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Remove The Blindfold On Your Purpose And Bring Sexy Back To Your Business

If you’ve ever wondered about what your purpose is and how your purpose fits into your business – then you need to read this.

Purpose is everything, which is why everyone is forever searching for it.

Purpose is the answer to the question we ask ourselves inwardly but are often too fearful to claim and express outwardly.

Oftentimes, female entrepreneurs get stopped in their business because they don’t go deep enough to bring up that precious hidden treasure called PURPOSE! As a result, we often end up limiting ourselves by not believing BIG enough that our purpose can actually bring the joy, happiness, and wealth we want for our lives.

This lack of purpose development has created many blindfolds on the belief system and mindset of women. That blindfold subtly says to you in the background, “There is no way possible for me to live the vibrant, exciting and happy life I so long for.” Or it screams, “It’s impossible for me to build a million-dollar business doing what I love to do.”

But that’s not true! So shake it off and keep reading.

Purpose is the answer to the question we ask ourselves inwardly but are often too fearful to claim and express outwardly.

The simple truth is that your purpose is whatever you declare it to be and it is fulfilled as you take steps and actions that are in alignment to you and what you have declared as your purpose. Pause and repeat.

Now that may sound simple, but many people struggle with it, and the female entrepreneur is no exception.

So now is the time to bring sexy back to your business by removing the blindfold and declare your purpose.

OK, I’ll go first!

My purpose is to redefine female entrepreneurial power encapsulated in truth, value, wisdom, abundance, and wealth creation. I want female entrepreneurs to create their own personal economy through entrepreneurship which gives them the freedom and control to live like royalty.

The Impact of Not Knowing Your Purpose

The late Myles Monroe is noted for coining this phrase about purpose:

He says that “where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable.”

Hmm. So what exactly does that mean to you?

It means that when you don’t know why something exists then you will abuse it because it is not being used in the way that it was intended. Everything in your life has a purpose even your business.

Do You Know Why Your Business Exists?

When you stop and think about it, purpose is the one thing that everyone is searching for, and which few take the time to discover for themselves.

Consider this, when you walk in your purpose you get closer to operating with ease because you are operating in your authentic you. So, as a female entrepreneur, who desires to create a million-dollar operation, your purpose plays a big part in making that happen.

On the other hand, not understanding or operating in your purpose will lead to the misuse of your gifts, your talents, your opportunities, your assets and your profits, which results in toil, struggle, pressure – you know all the little uglies that lead to the frustrated you.

As a coach, I get frequent requests from female entrepreneurs who want more out of their life and business than just a mere existence or the continual treading of water and never reaching land. I mean, women who want to feel and experience the vibrancy of life, being fully engaged and inspired by the work they do.

 So let me ask you two important questions:

  1. What is the ONE THING you do in your business that excites you?
  2. Are you doing that ONE THING consistently in your business?

You see, my point in asking you these two powerful questions is to interrupt your thinking and to remove the blindfold. If you can’t answer these questions quickly, then there is a blindfold somewhere.

Are You Currently in the Drift?

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t take the time to live on purpose, you get complacent at what life throws your way and then you allow yourself to DRIFT? Has that ever happened to you? I can tell you I’ve been through that, and girl it’s the biggest time waster. Drifting. Just drifting. Imagine it like being in the middle of the ocean with no clear view in sight. Sort of a take on the movie, The Life Of Pei, but without the tiger.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong to be that way – it’s neither. What I am saying is that it just doesn’t serve you and it certainly doesn’t get you what you long for, a profitable business and a life that is vibrant, amazing, and totally worth living.

What gets me nowadays is that I too many female entrepreneurs who have so much potential, power and possibility go too long tolerating the distractions, frustrations, and complacencies in their business rather than taking courage and being bold to discover their purpose and then intentionally living it!

Having a clear and strong sense of purpose is what brings excitement and clarity to your life and business. And coming from a place of courage and boldness, grounded in a clear purpose is how you redefine your female entrepreneurial power and create your own personal economy.

3 Ways to Remove the Blindfold and Bring Sexy Back

If you are experiencing a sense of “stuck in stuck” or feeling as if your business is in the middle of the ocean with no clear view in sight, then it’s time to remove the blindfold and discover your purpose.

#1. Remember, your business has a purpose. It exists to serve a specific niche of clients who have a unique set of needs that are fulfilled by your unique set of products or services. When you are unclear or fuzzy about the purpose of your business, these people miss out and so do you. So take some time to figure out the ONE THING you love about being in business. Start there and then expand.

#2. Get clear on your purpose for your business so you can give the best service to your clients. Remember, where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. Your clients deserved your highest and best. So bring it! They need to know, like and trust you. This comes from showing up regularly in what you do and being authentically you with consistency. The quickest and best way to do this comes from knowing who you serve, why you serve them, and how you will serve them effectively. When you know and operate in your purpose, it is easy to focus on which clients you want to attract into your business and keep for life. Spend some time really getting to know the type of people you want to serve with love.

#3. Know WHY you are in business for yourself and why you are not in a 9 to 5 job working for someone else. Knowing your purpose from this perspective is important so you can own your “why you do what you do.” Knowing your WHY helps you navigate through the rough patches as you build a sustainable business that leads to the creation of your own personal economy. So get good and asking yourself “WHY”. Let these three letters open up new worlds for you on purpose.

Final Thoughts

Your purpose is a power source and will cause you to see yourself bigger than you see yourself right now. So now, be bold and remove the blindfold. Take time to discover (or re-discover) your purpose and bring sexy back into your business.

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