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Yes, I’m hosting this FREE 5-Day List-Building Challenge which starts on Monday, August 28th, and I’m excited about it because this challenge is for ANYONE who has put off building their list.

This challenge is for you if you are looking to build your list in a way that feels real and authentic.

This challenge is perfect for the wildly ambitious female entrepreneur, the newly minted coach, consultant, or expert, and the blazing blogger. And guess what? This challenge is for you even if you are already established and want to bring more vibrancy to your list building process.

Now, for the sake of time, I’m going to quickly laser in on why you should do this challenge with me.

Point 1: Building Your Email List is Top Priority

List building is the one business imperative that can take your business from nowhere all the way to being a lucrative money-maker. 

  • Your email list an asset to your business – YOU own.
  • Your email list is where the money is! (Hint: no list = no money)
  • Your email list gives you access to someone’s most prized possession, their email inbox, and yes, that means you can just sashay right on in there anytime you feel like it and give them benefits and valuable content.
  • Your email list is the cheapest and most authentic way to build trust and rapport with a community of people who are just that into you.

So you see, building your email list should be your top business priority, something you do every day.

Point 2: It’s Time To Ditch The Excuses

If you are an entrepreneur and you really want to prosper and profit in your business, then there really is no excuse for not building a list. Well, except for the excuses you’re probably making right now, like…

  • I don’t know what to say to get people to want to join my list.
  • I don’t feel like my message really speaks to people.
  • Will people even like what I write about or have to say?
  • I’m not good at writing, I always get writer’s block.
  • Setting it up, building a campaign, etc., it all sounds like a lot of hard work.

Yep, it’s easy to come up with excuses, isn’t it? (I’ll address each of them during the challenge, by the way.)

But here’s the thing… It’s time to ditch all of your excuses! Excuses don’t bring in the people you need to make your business profitable.

Helping you ditch the excuses is one of the reasons I’ve put together this 5-Day list-building challenge called, Live, Laugh & Love! List-Building!

Point 3: It’s Hot!!!

During this cutting-edge list-building challenge, you’re going to LIVE. LAUGH & LOVE your way to building an email list where you actually fall in love with the people who join it and they fall in love with you.

Sounds pretty racy, doesn’t it?

So how do we get you to ditch the excuses and get ready to fall in love with list building? Well, the best way to grow your list is to love it! 

Point 4: What You’ll Get From This 5-Day List-Building Challenge

  • Receive a daily email training and an action item to help you find your voice to share with your ideal clients, this will give you the words to nurture your list.
  • Learn a sure-fire writing technique to help you overcome writer’s block, which means you don’t have to spend hours upon hours coming up with great storytelling content.
  • Spread the good news of your authentic self-expression on social media platforms so you can drive traffic to your list.
  • Share your discoveries in our private Facebook group, and receive the support of the community you need to complete the challenge.
  • Get live interactive training each day in our private Facebook group from me and expert guests to increase your knowledge of list building.

So, don’t put building your email list on the backburner any longer! Stop making the excuses. 

Challenge yourself to Live, Laugh & Love! List-Building. 

It’s going to be fabulously fun and freeing. Let’s do this!

I'M STOKED! Join me for this FREE 5-Day Live Laugh & Love! List Building Challenge.

P.S. I’m sure you have a few business besties and friends who you’d like to do this challenge with you, right? So go ahead and INVITE THEM TO JOIN. The more the merrier!

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