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When you think of operating your business, how would you really describe it?

For me, because of all the moving parts it takes to execute well,… because running a business takes seeing the big picture,… and because of all the small details involved,…

I see running my business like running a project or better yet, as running a series of projects often referred to as a “program” in my former corporate world.

In both respect, in order for a project or a program to be successful and of value, they require exquisite execution from start to finish.

And that means having proper project management in place to handle the detailed work involved.

Proper Project Management

As a certified project management professional – turned business coach for wildly ambitious female entrepreneurs, I have to tell you that I love applying the power of project management in my business and in theirs! 

Let’s face it. There’s already enough stress involved in running a business, so when we can do something to de-stress our life – it’s all is good.

You see, I’ve seen how project management can take a company from chaos to calm. I’ve used the power of proper project management to turn around some pretty high-risk projects when I managed projects and programs for some pretty large and well-know global Fortune 500 companies.

These projects were no small potatoes.

I can recall days past when the companies that hired me the most were the ones that were experiencing a potential risk of their project failing, which they couldn’t afford to happen. 

And when they called me in to help to turn around their troubled project, I noticed that they lacked the proper project management structure to get the work done – on time and within their budget.

No business can afford to squander money. Especially not yours!

Project management is not just for big Fortune 500 companies.

Now just imagine for a few moments what’s happening in your business today.

Are things falling through the cracks?

Are you experiencing a potential risk of your business failing because there is no organizational structure in place for getting the work done?

Are you stressed?

Only you can answer these questions. And it’s vital that you do.

Project Management as a Power Tool

Project management is not just for big Fortune 500 companies. In fact, I think project management is one requirement every female entrepreneur needs to deploy so that she can de-stress her life and grow her business.

I like to call the concept and application of project management a power tool.

Yes, you need to know how to use the tool to get the highest benefit, but when used properly, it makes your life so much easier.

Can you imagine taking your swirling world of multiple things to do and organizing them into a cohesive structure of “who does what by when” even if it’s all up to you at the moment?

Just imagine too, the better quality decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur when you have structure and can see what is or is not being done to move your business forward.

Yep, you need project management as your power tool.

When you can create this type of clarity, you really have a power tool working in your business. And that is what proper project management provides.

How Much Power Do You Need?

When I managed those projects for the Fortune 500s, back then I relied on tools such as Microsoft Project or Primavera.

But now as a female entrepreneur, while I still use Microsoft Project to structure and organize my big launches, for the majority of my “Keep It Moving” business projects I use a tool called Asana.

Yes, there is a whole host of tools you can use, but nowadays, my motto is “simplify to speed up.” I’m not trying to make my life more complex. And that’s what I like about Asana. It’s simplicity.

Come to think of it…, right before writing this blog, I set up two new “Keep It Moving” projects for my business and started sequencing out the tasks and assigning resources in Asana. I love it!

So now, if you’re still managing your team with email and Skype messages, stop it!

If things are getting lost and balls are being dropped, stop it!

This is not the way for The Millionairess Entrepreneur to run her business. 

Get organized.

Get structured.

Get proper project management going in your business…

Take Action Now

So, here’s the first action step for you to get your business in order with proper project management.

Mosey on over to Asana today, and start putting all your projects and tasks in there instead. 

With this tool, you’ll have one place to track and manage all of your tasks and even any that are still outstanding.

You’ll be able to tell at a glance what needs your immediate attention.

Not to mention how this tool will help you to de-stress and keep your sanity as a business owner.

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t have a team and you’re flying solo, having proper project management in place to structure and organize all of the many moving parts of your business is essential.

Too, when you have proper project management in place and operating in your business, you’re going to love the power that project management provides, as well.

And, if you don’t know where to start or simply need a bit of spot on help to get in action with this, let’s chat.

If you already have a project management tool you’re using, give us the skinny on it in the comments. ♥ME♥


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