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How to Crush Massive Money Blocks With Your ABCs

Do you find it ironic how so many female entrepreneurs claim they want to make lots of money in their business so that they can have the life they dream about and do the meaningful work they long to do,…, but – er, uh… they don’t like to talk about money? What gives?

This irony shows up especially in the space where the money talk is vital and that is in the sales conversation.

Can you imagine ever making a sale and getting paid for the work that you do based on the value you bring to another if you never talk about money in a straightforward and authentic way? Call me crazy…, but that’s just crazy!

The money conversation and the lack of having the money conversation keep women stuck in between two realms… The realm of having money and the realm of not having money.

It’s like saying, “I’m in business, but I’m not in business.” Or, It’s like saying, I want the water, but hold the wet.

Uh, what are we talking about?

Now, this is not a rant about sales conversations. Heck, this isn’t a rant period!

What I’m highlighting here is the irony that we women create in our businesses when it comes to making money.

We’ve heard the terms money blocks, money blinders, money imprints, money blueprints, and money DNA, blah, blah, blah.

I get it! It’ your money “youprint”. (LOL – yes I just made that term up.)

But think about it. The blocks, the blinders, and the imprints form how you print money in your life. And depending upon your “youprint,” you may not be printing money at all. Are you getting this concept?

We all have this money “youprint” on the inside of us. And yes, it can be a real struggle and challenge to deal with if we don’t understand how it plays out in our life and business.

Your “youprint” has been programmed into you. And it has formed a mental and emotional model – an algorithm of sort from which you operate when it comes to money. It’s predictable, whether you are conscious or unconscious of its predictability operating in your life.

If you really take a moment to think about it, women have been wired to think and act in specific ways about money, and not necessarily in good ways.

So making the leap into becoming an entrepreneur where it’s all about being profitable (yes that means making lots of money), female entrepreneurs often struggle.

Again think about it.

Why do we need to make so many affirmations and create positive reinforcements these days in order to allow ourselves to receive abundance, prosperity, and wealth… Translation >> Money?

Women have been wired to think and act in specific ways about money, and not necessarily in good ways.

Could it be because as women we were never given the proper programming or wiring to feel we actually deserve to receive money?

If you can relate to what I’m laying down, then you can understand why crushing your massive money blocks begins with you understanding your unique money ABCs.

Start to Reprogram You Money ABCs

So what is your money ABCs? As I mentioned, they are the programming and wiring that has occurred inside of you. They have been repeated for so long that you’ve adopted the programming as your own. And this programming delivers very predictable outcomes in your life regarding money.

A is for Attitude

What is attitude exactly? Well in dictionary terms, attitude is defined as a tendency or orientation, especially of the mind. Your attitude has a bent or a sway to it about a particular thing or person. Attitude is your manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing. In this context, the thing is money and the person is you. Have you ever paused and asked yourself what your attitude is about money? What is your orientation, tendency, feeling, and disposition when it comes to making money? Do you like talking about money? And even more importantly, do you like making and receiving lots of money? Your attitude about money will certainly determine the altitude you reach with money. Hmmm.

B is for Belief

Beliefs are everything in life because your beliefs, more than your attitude, drive your actions and behaviors. What you believe, again whether consciously or unconsciously shows up in your daily habits. What is your belief towards money?  Do you believe that money is the root of all evil so you avoid making it? Do you believe that money answers all things so you are comfortable talking about it? If you were to examine your money habits, what would they say about the beliefs you are holding? Hmmm.

C is for Cognition

Cognition simply means your thoughts or thought patterns. And here’s the deal. You have absolute control over every one of your thoughts. Nobody can tell you what to think unless you allow them to. Thoughts are things and they do produce results. In fact, we always move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts and we do this with everything in our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. So now, when it comes down to money, tell me what you really think about it. Do you think having money is good for you? Or do you harbor thoughts of concern like you becoming greedy, stingy, or the ultimate b*tch because you have money? Hmmm.

Get Clarity On What You Need To Crush

Everything starts in your mind before it is manifested in the physical, even your money. I know that is a hard pill to swallow but it’s true.

Your money ABCs (attitude, belief, and cognition) are the things that will determine whether you actually attract the money you say you desire, just as your money ABCs will repel any possibility of you having the money you say you want.

To unlock your money ABCs, you must first be honest about what is and is not working around money for you.

This is a big factor because we as women have had so many unhealthy thoughts and beliefs poured into us about money. You may even have money stories imprinted upon you that have been there since childhood.

I know for me, growing up, I lost my mother when I was just five years old. I was fortunate that my grandparents adopted me and my two sisters, but I can tell you that I was never taught by my grandparents that I should aspire to be rich and wealthy.

I know getting over money blocks is a huge area for female entrepreneurs. And that is one of the reasons I created a brand new program to help female entrepreneurs crush their money blocks in their sales conversations. (Click here if you’d like to learn more or join the wait list.)

Yea, I know. As women, we have these old story running in the background that, for the love of God, keeps us stuck in this false reality around money.

As girls, how many of us we were raised to believe that money is the root of all evil…, that money is dirty…, and that making a lot of money – God forbid – is the man’s role. Did we get duped or what?

Is it a wonder why so many women, especially female entrepreneurs, are struggling? Time to put an end to it!

How to Get Clear On Your Money ABCs

If you aren’t exactly sitting on a pile of money and would like to be, then it’s time to crush it! Below are five questions for you to answer that will help you to create a clearing for crushing your massive money blocks. Carve out some quality time and answer these questions about money. Just flow with it. No hang ups – just flow… No judgments – just flow…

  1. What types of emotions come up for you when you have money?
  2. What kinds of emotions do you experience when you don’t have money?
  3. What triggers your attitude about money?
  4. What are the consequences when you are triggered?
  5. Do you have a lot of stress about not having enough money?

Fascinating questions, huh?  

BONUS: Download this FREE PDF Checklist that contains 15 additional questions to help you crush your massive money blocks. Click here to get it

I think your answers to these questions will be even more fascinating for you.

My coaching to you is to be strong and of a good courage and just freakin’ do the work!

Your money is waiting.

Final Thoughts

Getting clear on your money ABCs is essential if you really want to transform from being blocked into being The Millionairess Entrepreneur. 

Once armed with clarity, you will begin to understand your money blocks and can take specific actions to crush them and make way for the real money to come.

You have the unique brilliance and potential within you to crush your massive money blocks. So, end the love-hate relationship you find yourself in with money and do the work that needs to be done so you can claim the financial freedom you deserve.

Did you get an “aha” or an insight about your money blocks? Does crushing them inspire you? Take a moment and share one of your ABCs in the comments below. ♥ME♥

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