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Finish Your Year Strong By Implementing These 5 Productivity Boosters

Stay focused and stay determined. Don’t look to anyone else to be your determination – have self-determination.
It will take you very far.

Justice Smith

With only three full months left in the year, have you asked yourself this question…

With the time remaining in the year, what must I accomplish in order to make the biggest difference for me and my business?

Take a moment to consider this question.

And, as we fast approach the final quarter of the year, are you…

…where you want to be revenue wise?

…on track to achieve your goal by year-end?

These are some of the questions I ask my clients at this time of the year. I find that these questions help them step into their power, get laser focused, and finish their year strong.

The Power of Focus

The ability to stay focus is one of those vital principles that female entrepreneurs need to master.

It is a concept that is easy to talk about yet is hard as heck to apply day after day.

But here’s the deal… it takes focused action to make things happen.

The power of focus is about being ruthless and tackling one thing at a time and achieving the results you want.

It is not about trying to tackle everything at once and getting only mediocre results.

When there is a lack of focus, poor results and burnout are right around the corner.

Think of a laser. A laser is a highly focused stream of light. Concentrated.

And with the power of a laser (the power of its focus) you can drill a hole in a diamond.

That’s the power of focus!

When you apply focus you use energy more efficiently and get results more effectively.

But when there is a lack of focus, poor results and burnout are right around the corner.

So, where is your focus right now?

How Focus Relates to Productivity

Productivity is not just about tools. Being truly productive is a way to keep you energized, inspired and heading straight towards your dreams.

In fact, productivity and staying focused go hand-in-hand. When you focus on doing what matters most, your become more productive on what matters most.

When you make everything a priority, you not only lose the power to focus you also lose your productivity to produce meaningful results.

But just like staying focused is a tough principle to apply, I find that female entrepreneurs often struggle with the principle of setting priorities, which is important in order to boost productivity.

When you make everything in your business a priority, you not only lose the power to focus you also lose your productivity to produce meaningful results.

Maintaining focus on the vital few tasks helps to ensure you operate at your highest and best, and that means being super productive in what you do.

So if you were to think about it, can your productivity use a boost?

Here are 5 super rock star ideas you can incorporate right away and get a boost in your productivity.

#1: Start with the Most Important Productivity Strategy

Take an assessment of your productivity. Before installing any productivity tool, first determine which part of your business you need to systematize and hand off. Look for the most:

      • Time-consuming part of your business
      • Energy-draining tasks of your business
      • Area of your business where you lose the most money
      • Area of your business that makes you feel as if you’ve wasted hours

Start with a productivity tool that takes care of the most urgent areas—be that scheduling, customer support, billing or all of the above—and fit your solution to meet that need with as few tools—or steps—as possible.

#2: Put an End to the Consumption Cycle

Do you buy course after course, promising yourself you’re going to “master” an area of your business that is not second nature to you? Do you have courses and eBooks on your computer that you’ve never completed (or perhaps never even started?)

These are big clues that you are in a consumption cycle. Use the “consumption cycle” as a way to identify your ‘weak’ areas—the ones you need to eliminate. These are things you should waste no more time on, but immediately outsource or automate.

#3: Stop the Multi-Tasking

Have you noticed how we have now hard-wired ourselves, quite literally, to multi-task, and often to our detriment? Psychologists have proved that multi-tasking dissipates energy and makes us feel duller and more confused later in the day. Focus on one task at a time, and shut off (and out) all other distractions.

#4: Plan Your Schedule at the End of the Day

Don’t wait until you are in front of your computer to determine what you will work on for the day. Instead, plan your schedule at the end of the day. That way, when you sit down at your desk the next morning, you’ll feel prepared and be focused and ready to go.

So, before you leave your office or go to sleep, make planning your schedule for the next day, the last thing you do.

#5: Invest in a Coach

As a female entrepreneur who is up to doing big things, often times with so much on your list of to do’s, things pile up quickly and you just can’t see the forest for the trees. This is the best time to invest in coaching for yourself so you can zero in on the problems and vanquish self-sabotaging habits in areas you didn’t even realize were problems. Having your own personal coach will help you increase your productivity and profits as well.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that your habits will determine your future. What you do each day with personal discipline and the application of your energy will determine the results you have by the end of the year. 

Start implementing one or two of these productivity boosters.

Remember, there are only three more months before we usher in a new year. So, get focused and stay productive and you’ll see your dreams become your reality.

These are only five things you can do to get focused and boost your productivity. Need more to work with? Get the FREE Download of all 19 Super Rock Star Ideas to Boost Your Productivity.

With the time remaining in the year, what must you accomplish in order to make the biggest difference for you and your business? Let me know in the comments. ♥ME♥


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