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Female Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Personal Economy: My Podcast Interview With Kendrick Shope

About a month ago I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Kendrick Shope, the founder of Authentic Selling, for her podcast – Sell Like a Woman.

This interview was fun, invigorating, edgy and real-talk. It was a “grown-up conversation.” Totally straight with no chaser.

This interview was the kind of conversation that I love having with female entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to ask bold questions and engage in a dialog that ignites new insights and perspectives, especially when it comes to females building their own empires and creating their own personal economy.

Besides, who needs delusions and “fake news” these days. Don’t we have enough of that already?

I believe that in open authentic conversations are where miracles take place.

I believe that in open authentic conversations are where miracles take place.

In these types of conversations…

  • You hear something you’ve never heard before and you are suddenly called to take an inspired action.
  • You hear something you’ve never heard before and suddenly your old thought pattern has shifted and now you are thinking new and different.

That’s why I love coaching wildly ambitious female entrepreneurs who are focused on making a difference with their business and creating their own personal economy. 

When we connect in a session, we have open authentic conversations about how to style their business to fit their lifestyle and their unique way to play. We get to dive deep into the “icky and sticky” places to dislodge the limiting beliefs that keep them playing small when they know it’s time for them to play big.

I so love what I do because I get the opportunity to have miracle causing conversations with female entrepreneurs that shift their thought patterns and get them to take the actions they never thought they could or would…

And when they do, they not only get great results, they get to experience themselves bigger than they know themselves to be and they make the impact they know they are destined to make – and that’s the way of The Millionairess Entrepreneur.

So my friend, check out the podcast interview and then leave me a comment on the shift you get from it. ♥ME♥


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