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Chunk Your Way Through: Do These 4 Steps to Eradicate Overwhelm and Get Massive Work Done!

OK. I confess. I’m a female entrepreneur who owns her “stuff” just like I own my business. The good, the bad and the ugly. These three varmints go with the territory whether I like it or not. And yes, I sometimes find myself in the land of crazy. In the tailspin of insanity that comes with entrepreneurship.

It is only when I dial down the drama and take back my responsibility as a female entrepreneur – do I come to my senses and re-engage the sanity-keeping system I use to achieve my goals.

Believe me sister, it’s a sanity keeping system if you work the system.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me when it comes to being a female entrepreneur, I find that it takes a lot of work to build my entrepreneurial empire into a profitable empire. In fact, some days its seems as if I’m so busy, I just want to put my head in the sand. When those moments creep up on me, I realize that busy has become the norm in my life. In those moments, I realize that I’m swirling in the realm of overwhelm because I have allowed myself to become busy rather than productive.

So let’s keep it real, shall we…

If you are a busy female entrepreneur, nine times out of ten you can always find ways to be busier rather than productive. Unfortunately, busy leads to burnout whereas productive leads to profits.

Eradicate the overwhelm because busy leads to burnout whereas productive leads to profits!

And that’s what you want. The profits. The money. The moolah. If that ain’t it, then it’s time to close up shop and return to that 9 to 5 job you left to become an entrepreneur.

OK, so here’s the skinny.

Doing things that make you busy turns into overwhelm and burnout. And Overwhelm and burnout are classic symptoms of the busy entrepreneur who isn’t working toward a specific goal.

BTW: When symptoms of overwhelm and burnout linger, they will leave you broke down and broke – and this is so not attractive on you.

I’m mean, you are a powerful female entrepreneur who is up to some big things. (Hey, building a business ain’t hay). And of course, you have some big audacious goals you’re reaching for. So, when you’ve got a lot on your plate, you need to become a master at prioritizing and laying the tracks to reach your goal. You need to focus on what’s important. You need to trade in your “to do list” for a goal-oriented navigational system that works and that means becoming masterful at “chunking”!

What is Chunking?

Let’s just say that “chunking” is a technical term. And all it means is that you are going to break your goal into bite-sized pieces of work. You’ll do this by reducing your goal to its smallest manageable component so you can construct concrete strategies for getting the work done.

When I managed projects for Global Fortune 500 companies, this was essential to success. We broke down big projects into work packets. That way, each team member could laser focus in on the work and complete the work on-time without becoming overwhelmed.

3 Key Benefits to Chunking

  1. Chunking out your goal helps you identify only those tasks that are important to do in order to reach your goal. This means you don’t have to try and take on everything. With chunking, you only have to focus only on the vital few things that matter.
  2. Chunking helps you eradicate overwhelm because you get to create packets of work that you can manage. You know yourself better than anyone, and you have the power to chunk your goal in a way that works for you.
  3. Chunking allows you see the progress you are making toward your goal more clearly. This means that as you take the small but committed action, you will achieve your goal.

So here are the four steps you need to take.

Step 1: Define Your One Goal

When I say define your goal – define your goal. Step 1 is about defining only one goal – not five. Just one! As you become skilled in this process you will start to apply it to all of your goals, but for now, focus on only one goal. And don’t be vague about what you desire to achieve. A vague description of your goal will become an obstacle for you straight out the gate. So, get clear and get straight.

Start by asking yourself “What is the one thing I need to achieve?” and be specific about it. Notice that I am making a distinction between what you want to achieve and what you need to achieve. The need is what you want to focus on. It’s the priority. It needs to happen.

This is an area I spend time working on with my clients. Typically, when I work with clients, we kick things off by defining a goal that is a stretch for her, yet it is still doable within a 30-day sprint. For the overwhelmed and burnt out female entrepreneur, 30 days is just about as much time as she can handle before the meltdown occurs – again something that is so not attractive.

Also, make sure your goal is SMART! (Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time-bound.) Here’s a simple example of a well-defined SMART goal you can model after:

“By July 30th, my goal is to enroll two new clients who want to generate consistent cash flow in their business into my private 1:1 coaching program.”

Do you see how this goal is more defined and specific rather than simply blurting out, “I want two new clients this month”?

So again, be specific about what you need to achieve. And ideally, focus your goal on client attraction and cash flow activities (e.g., sales, marketing, serving your customers, etc.) These activities will lead you to more profit.

Now with a clear and measurable goal in front of you, it becomes easier to determine the exact steps you need to take to achieve it. So on to Step 2.

Step 2: Identify Only the Tasks Necessary to Achieve Your Goal

OK, capt’n let’s make it happen. The next step is to figure out the actions and tasks you need to take to reach your goal. To successfully achieve your goal means completing the correct series of tasks that lead to the goal quickly and easily.

I call this step in the process, navigating with intention. In this step, you create a pathway to your goal by taking specific and committed actions that lead you directly there (no wandering please). So, get out a sheet of paper. It’s time to map out the path that will get you to your goal.

What are the core tasks that lead directly to your goal? Think of these tasks as the individual activities that are related to the ultimate achievement of your goal. The point in this step is to break down the work into small bite-size chunks. You’ll know you’ve done this when: 1) you can see the work getting done, and 2) the work is easy for you to manage.

Jump start this step by doing a brain dump of all the things that you think you will need to do. Include any resources you may need to tap into so you don’t get tripped up on not having them when you need them. Also, identify other team members you may want to delegate part of the work to. Once you’ve gotten all the tasks identified, put the tasks into a sequence of how and when the work will get done and discard any task that is not relevant to achieving your goal.

Step 3: Give Each Task a Deadline for Completion

Leaving things incomplete adds to overwhelm and burnout. Why? Because when things are left undone it drains your energy and applies unnecessary pressure to a preventable situation. When you put a deadline on a task and you actually complete the work by that date, you feel the sense of relief and accomplishment that the work is done. Whew!

Also, when you set a deadline for your tasks, you make them real by giving them a timeframe for when they must be done. This deadline fuels your motivation as you keep your integrity with your timeline. Deadlines also enable you to delegate and manage your team and resources much more effectively. So put a stake in the ground by setting deadlines for your tasks and expect the work to get done by that date. 

Deadlines also enable you to delegate and manage your team and resources much more effectively. So put a stake in the ground by setting deadlines for your tasks and expect the work to get done by that date. 

Step 4: Solidify Your Results by Putting Your Tasks Into Time

You cannot make more time so you have to create what you want in time. When your tasks do not exist in your schedule, they don’t exist. So here are two takeaways that are important for you to remember.

  1. When you schedule the task and you honor your time to that task it will get done. (If this isn’t happening, then we need to talk).
  2. What gets measured gets managed. Having your tasks physically “inked” in your schedule is your measuring stick!

Think about it. Have you ever intended to do something important, but ended up forgetting about it because you didn’t have it written down or because it wasn’t top of mind? Your schedule is a system that you must stay on top of. Put the work in time and honor it by keeping your integrity to what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it – That’s The Millionairess Entrepreneur way.

Final Thoughts

OK, there you have it. Four steps to eradicate overwhelm and get massive work done towards achieving your goal.

Here’s my last little nudge on this topic. Remember, your entrepreneurial journey requires that you check in often. When things aren’t going as plan, check in and see whether you need to do some course correction. If the tasks you need to complete to achieve your goal are in your scheduling system but are not getting done, well it’s time to take a look at what’s going on. If things are off the path of your goal, figure out what the problem is, and then take swift action to make the necessary adjustments.

Trust yourself and be honest about what you find – even when you notice that the problem is you. If you can’t be honest with yourself who will you be honest with? Just sayin’.

If you can’t be honest with yourself who will you be honest with? Just sayin'

Finally, make sure you acknowledge and celebrate every win and every inch of progress you make. This is the encouragement you’ll need to energize yourself to victory.

So is chunking right for you? Got a comment? Leave it below! ♥ME♥

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