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Are You Ready to Uplevel Your Awareness?

Have you noticed that there is so much unrest and unsettling events taking place in our world today? How could you miss right?

Yes, the question is rhetorical. 

The mood of our country has shifted a great deal. Unfortunately, it stares us in the face daily.

People are hurting in ways that are hard for them to express other than physically. Have you noticed?

But despite all of the chaos, what really excites me about the times we are in – is YOU – the female entrepreneur who is called to help a segment of people overcome their problems. For example:

  • Are you the sales coach that is really teaching other women how to nail their sales process so that they are soaring in their business?
  • Perhaps you are that badass creative that has an eye for such artistic qualities that your clients are mesmerized every time they engage with you.
  • Or are you the healer or therapist who shows your clients the path to get back on track when stress and anxiety creep in?

You see… That’s what we as female entrepreneurs do. We pick up our mantle with our gifts and talents and we use our super powers to be the solution for others.

Always remember that. If you do, you will always be unstoppable in the midst of unsettling times.

Are You Ready to Uplevel Your Awareness

My friend Pompe Strater-Vidal understands this all too well. For over 35 years, Pompe has taught many people how to transform their lives through positive change — achieving goals of happy relationships, meaningful work, and healthier lifestyles, while connecting to their own inner truth.

And as a Life coach and Zen artist, Pompe believes that mindfulness, meditation, and self-inquiry are keys for you to become the calm in your chaos, de stress your life and discover the beauty of the present moment.

In fact, to meet Pompe, you would know that she is a space for peace and I believe she wants others to have that as well. 

Even now, as a way to help people keep their composure and well-being when things look hectic, Pompe has put together a FREE 7-Day Meditation Challenge on Awareness that I’m 100% supportive of.

Being fully aligned and aware of who we are and what we do as females entrepreneurs are essential elements to our well-being and self-care.  

So if this resonates with you, join the challenge.

And in the meantime, try out this quick teaser exercise to uplevel your awareness.

Take A Moment and Go Within by Pompe

It’s a time of great uncertainty in the world, that’s impacting us on many levels.

How to let go of anxiety and stress is a question I’m getting asked a lot; how to trust in the process of change, let go of hatred, and rise to a higher level of love and light.

My answer to this question is this; the first step is always to go within.

Follow your breath and journey inside your self.

Try this simple walking meditation to relax and breathe:

  1. Take time today for a walk. 
  2. Stop to look at a flower, touch it gently, and experience its beauty.
  3. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out 3 times, slowly and gently.
  4. Sense your feet on the ground, soften your eyes and listen to the songs of the birds.
  5. Sensing, looking and listening with awareness is the practice of mindfulness. 
  6. Come back to your self with your breath.

Final Thoughts

I love this. It seems so simple. Going within when there is so much going on without.

But always remember, it all starts from within you. You are the one that makes the difference – that’s The Millionairess Entrepreneur way.

Do you have a meditation practice to keep you centered and aware? Share in the comments. Inquiring minds want to know… ♥ME♥

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