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8 No-Nonsense Reasons To Make List-Building Your Business Imperative

As a female entrepreneur who is up to building an amazingly successful business, let me ask you…

How much time do you spend growing your email list? (answer goes here: _____________________________________________)

Do you actually spend time crafting valuable content and looking for engaging ways to grow your email list? (answer goes here: Yes______ or No ______ )


The larger the list size, the greater the opportunity to make more money.

Female entrepreneurs who are looking to build their entrepreneurial empire, whether online or offline must make building their email list their most important business goal – hands down.

I call this top priority – A.B.L.E. – Always Be List-Building Er’day! 

To navigate your success, you need to be consistent at growing your list every single day.

It is your business imperative going forward – that’s The Millionairess Entrepreneur way.

So why, you may be wondering?

Well outside of the seven no nonsense reasons I’ve listed below, there are two core reasons.

#1… Your email list is an asset for your business. And assets are a good thing to have in your business. The larger the list size, the greater the asset.

#2… In order to make money from your email list, you’ve got to grow your list. The larger the list size, the greater the opportunity to make more money.

It’s all in the numbers. Translation – PROFITS!

Granted, as you engage in consistent list building, people will inevitably subscribe to your list and unsubscribe. Nevertheless, as you become willing and A.B.L.E. you’ll withstand the fluctuations and the numbers will go up.

So no more playing around. Take a look at these 8 no nonsense reasons for building your email list!

No Nonsense Reason #8: List-Building Is Vital To Your Online Marketing Strategy

When it comes to success in business, remember these three words… Online Marketing Strategy!!! Email marketing is still the best strategy for delivering results more so than social media. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should reduce your online marketing strategy to only email marketing. God forbid! Yes, social media has its place in your online marketing toolkit, but your email list is the business imperative.

No Nonsense Reason #7: Email Is More Personal Than Social Media

Unlike other forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, emailing directly to the people on your list is far more personal. It gives your message a straight shot right into your subscriber’s inbox. Wouldn’t you prefer this instead of your message becoming a lost nugget in a social media feed? Besides, you can share your message in depth through an email more than you can in a 140 character tweet.

No Nonsense Reason #6: Email Subscribers Reply Back

People who subscribe to your email list do so because they are interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer. So when you email your list with questions, offers or other forms of engagement, your subscribers actually reply back. Here’s a quick example. When I sent out my Weekly Gazette last week, I asked my subscribers to let me know if they had any questions about list building. One subscriber, in particular, emailed me about her challenges, and I gave her specific tactics that she could execute right away. This is relationship building and engagement with your peeps.

No Nonsense Reason #5: You Have a Captive Audience

How often do you get to present your message to a captive audience, especially online? When you have your own email list, you already have a captive audience. You’re not dependent on other third-parties bringing people to you or determining who will see your message. And, if you build your list correctly, you will essentially be building a list of pre-qualified prospects. WOW!!!

No Nonsense Reason #4: There’s Gold in Them Thar’ Hills

As you build your email list, your email subscribers become your most loyal followers and raving fans. Consider every subscriber on your email list as a potential customer. They should be treated like gold because there is gold in your list.

No Nonsense Reason #3: Everyone Uses Email

Email marketing is something any type of business can do. No matter the size of your business, large or small, or the industry you are in, everyone uses email including your ideal clients. 

No Nonsense Reason #2: Email Isn’t Going Anywhere

Some people will claim that email marketing is dead, but don’t believe the hype and don’t be deterred from building your list. Unlike the latest social media pop-up, email is here for the long haul. Sure, we have Snapchat, and you’d be hard press to say that Facebook will disappear anytime soon, but who knows… Email, on the other hand, is part of our business culture. Just like the cell phone, we can’t do without it. 

No Nonsense Reason #1: You Own Your List

Remember I said that your email list is an asset. Well, your email list is something you own. No one can take it away or switch how you engage with your list, but you! You and only you have control over your list. This no nonsense reason by itself screams – BUSINESS IMPERATIVE! 

Final Thoughts

Always remember, your money is in your list. So again, make building your email list your top priority. And always be ready, willing and A.B.L.E.

Struggling to make your list a gold mine? Want to just talk about list-building? Drop me a Comment below. ♥ME♥

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