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6 Tips To Help Write Content That Turns Your Readers Into Followers

Just last week I wrapped up a free 5-day challenge on list-building. It’s called the Live, Laugh & Love! List-Building Challenge.

The intent of the challenge was two-fold.

First, I wanted all of the participants to know just how important list-building is to the growth and success of their business. Whether you are a female entrepreneur or a blogger, list building is your business imperative.

Second, the goal was to help each participant in the challenge to begin writing and creating content in such a way that felt good and real to them. And which helped them to generate content from a place of authenticity.

And guess what…, it worked!

In fact, Jessie Butler, one challenge participant expressed her experience this way.

As soon as I got to the question for today I was like oh great how am I going to answer this… well I set the timer and my pen started flowing and words started hitting the paper and I couldn’t stop! I was truly stuck and needed a push to get my thoughts out onto paper and this challenge opened up the flood gates and it’s only day one!

The writing process that I took Jessie and the other participants through during this challenge is what I used to help high school students write their college entrance essays. And these were not ordinary high school students. These where the kind of students that never thought they could write, let alone write an essay that would land them into college.

As a writing coach, I spent a few summers teaching this writing process to high school students. And within the course of a weekend, each one of them produced an incredible piece of writing that brought tears to your eyes because of the amazing stories they brought to life with their words on paper.

Your words are what draw your peeps to you and your words are one of the core ingredients to getting them on to your list and nurturing them so that they will stay there.

But, here’s the deal… to reap the benefits of using your content to gain followers, it is up to you to use your words, language and messaging to provide relevant and engaging content that gets your readers’ attention.

So with that, below are six tips to help you write content that will turn your readers into followers.

Tip 1: Speak directly to your readers

The third-person references like “my ideal client”, “the customer” or even “readers” is impersonal and outdated. Do you still do this? In our wildly insane world of social media where you are trying to create a real relationship with people all over the world, it’s best to address your readers directly.  Show them through your words what you really want them to know, like “we take your needs seriously as if they were our own” or “we care about what’s important to you because you are important us.” This casual approach is not only an only standard, it’s also a way to show your readers that you do care about them and their needs.

Tip 2: Speak to your readers as you would a friend

When you write and communicate effectively, you reduce the distance between you and your reader. And to build real intimacy with your reader means speaking to them in a way that shows you as a genuine person. Imagine you are writing to one person specifically. Speak to your readers as if you are speaking to a real friend. This casual narrative voice is your voice, and it’s the voice your readers need to hear. It makes you seem approachable and friendly rather than cold and distant.

Tip 3: Give your readers some benefits

“Features tell, benefits sell.” We’ve all heard that one. So, if at all possible, incorporate a few benefits for your readers. Pepper your content in a way that answers the “What’s in it for me” question for the reader. For example, giving them clear benefits like “Here are five ways you can turn your content into followers” is much more powerful than simply telling your readers that “Content is queen.” The first one tells your reader exactly what is in it for them as they continue to read on in your post or article. The second example is a wonderful statement, but the power of benefits is missing.

Tip 4: Write in every day language

Coming from a corporate background, and more so from a technology background, we can become particularly guilty of using “corporate speak” and “techno babble” when we make the transition to writing content to position ourselves as an expert in our business niche. This was tough for me. But here’s the thing. If your readers can’t understand what you are talking about, how will they understand what you are offering? You’ve got at best 60 seconds to grab their attention and make what you are saying – stick! So use plain everyday, common language. Choose words that will inspire the actions you’re looking for from your readers. And choose words that will strengthen the connection between you and your readers. It’s better to say, “I help female entrepreneurs master the building blocks of creating an online business one step at a time” than to say, “I offer business coaching and mentoring services to female entrepreneurs.” [yawn!]

Tip 5: Create a rhythm in your writing

How can you create rhythm? Hmmm…

By using short staccato sentences.

These are like one-liners versus full paragraphs.

Short sentences give your writing more punch.

Like a quick hit.

Rather than a run on drag.

Nowadays, with Twitter and 140 character soundbites, your content needs to be easy to read.

Your readers don’t want put in unnecessary effort to read your content, so don’t make them.


Short sentences are much easier to read than long ones.

Short sentences are more visibly appealing than long ones.

Short sentences are much easier to understand than long ones.

And these are totally a good thing.

Tip 6: Share a story

Who can ignore an amazing story. Stories are memorable. Stories draw the reader into your world. In fact, one of the challenge prompts for the participants of the Live, Laugh & Love! List-Building Challenge was for them to share their personal backstory. I have to tell you, the stories were incredible. You could feel each persons’ passion, their WHY, and their heart for who they wanted to love on and invite to join them in community.

Your stories are a powerful.

Your stories will fascinate.

Got a story?

Then share it!

Final thoughts

All of these tips are a total work in progress that gets better as you do them. So don’t get hung up on the fact that your content isn’t converting your readers into followers as fast as you’d like. Just continue and course correct as you go.  

Also, keep in mind that the best way to convey your message to your readers is to write and allow your words to be so transparent that your message isn’t obscure but resonates authentically. That’s what people like Jessie did who took on the Live, Laugh & Love! List-Building Challenge. They discovered their authentic voice and are now ready to write content that converts their readers into followers. How’s that for list-building!

Yep! That’s The Millionairess Entrepreneur’s way.

What would you add as a tip? Take a moment and share in the comments below! ♥ME♥

If you like to take on the Live, Laugh & Love! List-Building Challenge and get a breakthrough with your writing, I’m keeping it open until next Friday. Have fun and keep me posted on what shows up for you. [CLICK TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE]

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