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6 Marketing Points You Need To Know Before You Develop Your Plan

One of the best statements I’ve ever heard about being a business owner is this…

“Before anything else, when it comes to owning a business, you are a marketer first.”

Isn’t that a saucy statement? Kinda puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

With that said, did you know that marketing will help you obtain more and better business when you do it right and do it right with consistency?

As a female entrepreneur providing valuable service, you should be proud of sharing what you do with others, especially with those potential ideal clients you know could benefit from your service.

When you market what you do for your business, you are neither being sleazy nor pushy. You are being a marketer… so get over that misleading mindset.

What you are doing is simply helping people by informing them about what you do and letting them know about how your services can help them. This is called marketing. 

Marketing is the interaction between a business and its customers, and the aim is to satisfy customer needs and wants.

As a business coach to wildly ambitious female entrepreneurs, I actually like marketing because marketing brings me into contact with people who I love to serve. 

So here’s the deal… At the end of September, I took a poll in my private Facebook group, and my lovely and wildly ambitious Millionaire Focused Female Entrepreneurs voted for me giving them 30-days (plus 1) of marketing.

I’m pretty stoked that the vote was for marketing. Even though they could have chosen 30-days of sales or 30-days of planning, they chose marketing. Says something doesn’t it?

So for the entire month of October, I’ll be posting marketing tips in my private Facebook group and delivering what these female entrepreneurs say they need and want now, which is marketing.

Marketing is the interaction between a business and its customers, and the aim is to satisfy customer needs and wants.

Bottom line… marketing is absolutely critical to the success of your business.

Marketing Is Distinct From Sales

Marketing is distinct from sales, even though marketing used to be synonymous with sales in the minds of many people. I still think people mix the two.

I see marketing as the things we do to get people to raise their hands so they can let us know that we see them and that they have a potential interest in what we do.

When it comes to marketing, marketing focuses on producing and positioning the selling of products and services needed by your customers.

Whereas selling is making the offer of the product and services to the right people who need and want what you have and who are willing to pay for what you have to offer.

When it comes to selling, there is a lot of upfront work, called marketing, which comes before you get the opportunity to make the sell.

Essentially, the function of marketing is to identify prospective customers and determine which products or services to offer to satisfy their needs and wants.

Indecision leads to doubt and doubt kills your business.

Think of marketing as building up the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factors with your ideal prospects. From there you can sell to them because people only buy what you are selling from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

Decision Making is Required

What leads to success today does not guarantee success tomorrow.

Customer’s needs and their buying process or buying habits are continually changing. This means that adjustments in your marketing strategy will be required to meet the challenges of change in the future.

To be great at marketing requires that you know what your business goals are and then apply real decision-making processes to your marketing in order to achieve those goals.

Decision-making is a fundamental business skill that female entrepreneurs must develop.

Indecision leads to doubt and doubt kills your business.

So it’s imperative that you build good decision-making skills into your marketing practice.

Below are six points about marketing that will help.

Point 1: Effective marketing requires that you have an understanding of your customers’ needs and wants. 

As a female entrepreneur, you are a marketer if you are doing anything to get AND keep a customer, and this includes reaching out to new prospects and it also means getting more work from your existing clients.

But because it is difficult to predict whether your product or service will succeed, you need to know what it is that your customer needs, wants and or desires in order to market to them effectively. 

Think about what is the real problem your ideal customers have and can your product or service deliver the outcome to that problem.

Point 2: Understanding your customers’ needs and wants will require a constant and consistent analysis and knowledge of the market. 

What market are you in and who do you serve?

These are two fundamental questions that you must have solid answers to.

Marketing will do you no good if you don’t understand your market. 

You’ll be spinning your wheels or spending your money, inefficiently if you don’t take time to know your market and who you serve.

This is not to mean that you won’t spend money to test in order to get your answers, that’s necessary, but spend knowing that you are doing research to gain knowledge about your market and not just spending money without a clear marketing purpose or intention.

Point 3: Marketing involves matching your product/service to a specific market or niche.

Having an understanding of what your customers need is useless unless it is connected to what you provide.

One of the biggest problems I see with entrepreneurs is that they try to serve too diverse a market with a product or service, only to find out that they are not serving or satisfying anyone.

The more specifically a given product or service matches the needs of its intended audience, the more likely it is to succeed.

Point 4: As an entrepreneur, you are a marketer, and as a marketer, you must understand what your customers are buying from you.

The “pin the tail on the donkey” tactic has no place in your business.

In other words, you must consider how your product or service appears from your customer’s point of view rather than from your point of view. 

Consider for example the student who purchases a dictionary. She is not buying the book for the book’s sake. She is buying the book seeking to spell more accurately and thus write better papers to get a higher grade and ideally better job prospects upon graduating.

Take a deep dive!

Point 5: As a marketer, you must be aware of how well the needs of your customers are OR can be satisfied by your competition.

You are not in this game alone. There are many ways that your intended customers can have their problem solved. 

Your competitors are trying to develop solutions to the same customers you are.

Effective marketing allows you to position yourself as THE ideal solution to your customers’ problem.

Point 6: Marketing recognizes the overall objectives of your business and develops strategies to meet those objectives that are within the capabilities of you and your business.

Before launching out and doing random “marketing tactics”, you first need to know what your objectives are as they relate to your business.

Identify the strategies you want to develop to meet those objectives.

And assess your capabilities and well as your capacity to deliver effectively on the decisions you make.

You can’t eat the entire elephant in one bite, but you can be selective in which parts you will choose over others.

Final Thoughts

While these 6 points may seem straightforward, they require thought, decision-making and a plan to make them work effectively.

Remember, it is the goal of marketing to solve a problem by providing the solutions that meet your ideal customers’ needs and wants.

Marketing requires an understanding of your market, of your customers’ needs and wants, and it is up to you to develop products and services to meet those needs.

As a female entrepreneur, use the points to know your objectives, select the right marketing strategies and develop a plan to make it happen.

What market are you in and who do you serve? Share in the comments how you are rocking your marketing. ♥ME♥


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