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5 Ways To Get And Stay Motivated During The Holidays

Halloween has come and gone, which means we are officially into the holiday season.

Parties, shopping, good food, family, and friends. I love this time of year.

During these last two months of the year, there is so much I can do and actually prefer to do instead of working.

Unfortunately, as a business owner, I can’t abandon my work. I have to stay focused and motivated so that I’m always creating my best year yet!

So while it’s tempting to abandon work during the holidays, I get and keep myself motivated. Here are my top five ways that I do it.


This is first and foremost on my list – being present and having an attitude of gratitude. Truth be told, I stay pretty productive despite working from home. I do this by reminding myself every day how blessed I am to be a female entrepreneur and one who gets to operate her business from her home. Having the freedom to stay at home and do what I love doing is a blessing. I remember when I used to go to my office every day in the heart of the city, but I prayed to change that. And, yes, while there are times when I miss seeing all the people moving about outside, overall, I wouldn’t change it back for the world. My prayer was answered and I know the rest of my prayers are in the works. I get inspired knowing that I’m creating the life I want. And if that isn’t motivation enough, I don’t know what is.


Being an entrepreneur is great! There is an empowerment and a sense of freedom I feel as a female entrepreneur. So to get ready to be the very best I can, I make sure to dress for my role every day. That doesn’t mean I put on a suit, but it does mean that I never come to work in my pajamas. I follow a morning routine just as if I was going to get into my car and drive to my office. I always shower, wash my face, do my hair and makeup, etc. I put on clean clothes (typically yoga pants and a top, just so I can be totally comfortable). This act of taking steps to show up powerfully for my day is a motivator. Besides, you’ll never know when you’ll get that impromptu Skype or Facebook video call with a prospect. It’s important to be ever ready because first impressions do count.


I’ve always been an avid reader. And as an entrepreneur, I believe it’s important to keep your mind sharp and prepared for the good you want to receive into your life. Reading helps. Incorporating reading as a regular part of my personal and professional development continues to motivate me to think bigger for my life and business. I typically choose a variety to read at one time to feed my mind, body and spirit. Some of the books I’m reading now are: 

As the holiday’s come and you find yourself surrounded by people, you want your mind to be open and prepared to receive good. There’s no better way to stay motivated than by reading books to sharpen your mind. (THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS.) 


I believe that the holiday season is a perfect time to look for new opportunities. People are more relaxed, other professionals are taking vacations, which means there are open opportunities waiting for you. You never know who you are going to meet or what opportunities are going to show up. In fact, just the other day, I found a networking event to attend while searching online and as it turned out, the event was full of women in my target marketing. How amazing is that for a spark of motivation and opportunity?


I believe that I stumbled upon the networking opportunity I mentioned above because I set an intention to up my networking game so that I could build more business connections outside of my online connections.  That same night, I set an intention to meet someone who could be instrumental in helping with speaking opportunities. Well, guess what showed up? I met another person right before I walked into the main event. We struck up a lovely conversation about his professional shift and what I do as an entrepreneur. We exchanged cards and I recently received an email for us to talk further. The power of setting an intention is a great motivator. I’m eager to see where this one leads.

So, do you have any special ways to stay motivated? Please share them! ♥ME♥ 

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