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3 Confidence Boosters That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

A multi-millionairess entrepreneur once told me that she often has feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt whenever she sets out to tackle any new goal she wants to achieve for herself or her business.

She told me, however, that she never lets those sabotaging feelings stop her. Why?

Because she believes that those “butterflies in the stomach” she feels are simply a sign of her passion that is ready to be released. So rather than fearing what she has to do, she embraces her feelings, trusts herself, and uses this energy to keep her moving forward toward achieving her goal.

Isn’t that a powerful way to approach achieving a goal?

That’s confidence!

Now here’s the thing… No female is born with the confidence to build and run a business. Confidence is a trait that you must nurture and cultivate to be successful in your business. And the best way to build and nurture your confidence is by taking daily action steps toward your goal in spite of your fears or self-doubt.

Taking action is your best remedy to confront your fears.

As you draw upon your strengths, stay focused on the goal you have set with the intent that you will accomplish it, and trust your female entrepreneurial intuition, your confidence will soar.

Taking action is your best remedy to confront your fears.

I recall one of the most challenging years I had when I first started my business. I had presented a proposal to a new prospect and during the meeting, the HR director said there was no way they could accept it. Talk about a gut shot.

Luckily, the site director, who I had never met before was there in the meeting. After I gained my composure, he and I talked very candidly about what they were willing to spend to solve their product backlog problem.

I resubmitted the proposal and went on to get the engagement and helped turn a team of engineers into stellar project managers with my training and coaching program.

My mantra – “Replace doubt with trust.” I knew I had the goods and could deliver.

You see, as female entrepreneurs, we are designed to take all that comes our way and transform any situation or circumstance into something good. And best of all, we can do it with finesse and style as we build our confidence.

So get in there and start building your confidence with these three confidence boosters.

Confidence Booster #1: Acknowledge Self-doubt

When doubt, inadequacy, or feelings of wanting to play small shows up when you are faced with a challenge or adversity, acknowledge it and let it pass. Don’t beat yourself up twiddling around with “what if” scenarios. Instead, recalibrate yourself with trust. Step up and believe in yourself and your capabilities. Your goal is not to pretend you aren’t experiencing these negative feelings, but to empower yourself to take action in the moment, even if you feel slightly inadequate.

Confidence Booster #2: Arm Yourself With Knowledge

Familiarity builds confidence and empowers you in the area where you don’t feel 100%. As you build your confidence, feelings of self-doubt will start to decrease. If you need more knowledge to help you tackle a goal, find out what other successful people have done to begin new projects and overcome hurdles and roadblocks. Seek out a coach or a mentor to get you through. Keep in mind that knowledge is power, but only knowledge with action produces powerful results.

Confidence Booster #3: Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is cozy ain’t it! But here’s the deal, when it comes to forging the life that you want – you know the one called The Millionairess Entrepreneur – you’re going to have to break out and break free from your comfort zone by taking on new things. By trying something new on a regular basis, you build your confidence and lessen your fears. Over time and with consistent practice, you begin to learn that you can manage and recover from any situation. Start with a small goal and then build your confidence as you achieve it. Accomplishing your goals will serve as concrete proof that you can achieve success by achieving one goal after another.

Final Thoughts

As a female entrepreneur, how you do anything is how you’ll end up doing everything. The confidence that you have in yourself is one of the core factors that will dictate how you do things.

Confidence, self-esteem, and perseverance are essential leadership characteristics that you must hone and sharpen every day. So rather than allowing the fear of the unknown to stop your power, the best course of action is to face everything and rise up.

Remember, however, you aren’t born with confidence. Confidence is something that you nurture and cultivate over time. And you setting goals and then taking the necessary action steps to achieve them is one of the best confidence builders available to you.

And get this… by setting the goals you want to achieve means you get to design the business and life you want – that’s The Millionairess Entrepreneur way.

Which one of these confidence boosters has your name on it? Share it in the comments for ♥ME♥

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